We are proud of our bond with Fredrick Douglass and look forward to building a strong partnership in support of the students and the community.

3820 MADE

We are the BOBCATS, three schools as one. We work together to get it done!


Bobcats are the hardest working and smartest people in the City of New Orleans. We will not be outworked. Period. We encourage each other because we don’t know the struggle that someone else may endure and we respect their story.

We are stronger together; we lift each other up from inside and outside our walls. We are grateful for our elders. We know they care about us and believe we are the hope for our collective future. We honor them and each other with our grit, optimism, team spirit, family and respect.


We have a great time together. This work is long and hard, but is sure is easier when we can work together and laugh together. In our character and results, we are models for the rest of the City of what could be possible. We carry ourselves like we are on a mission, we achieve at the highest levels and our work ethic is unparalleled.

If you have a recommendation for a project or initiative that will directly support students at FDHS please contact us today.