The board of directors' key purpose is to ensure NDR's prosperity by collectively directing the company's affairs, while meeting the appropriate interests of its shareholders and stakeholders. 

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Meet The Board Members

Michael Gordon

 Vice President

Lisa Williams Frazier


Anita Harris


Warren Williams

Board Member

Pamela Brown


What motivated you to start an official alumni association? 

"Every school I’ve ever been apart of has had an alumni association except for my high school. Starting an alumni at the "Home of the Mighty Mighty Bobcats, afforded us the opportunity to pay it forward and to build a legacy greater than ourselves.

We are three schools in one and we have to work together to empower the school and it’s community."

 Lisa Arcenaux Cobb- Founder & President

Meet The Ad Hoc Committees

Edwin Wilson

Recruiting and Retention Chairperson

Kevin C. Anderson- Recruiting and Retention


Dorthory McKennie

Scholarship Chairperson

Jean Wilson

 Merchandising Chairperson

Solomon Alexander

Resource Chairperson

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